Q: How many users per license?
A: Each license issued is for 1 user

Q: Does it work with Windows 10?
A: Yes it does

Q: What is the difference between Pro and Free versions?
A: After downloading the full Pro version for testing after several days the programme will need to be licensed, if not it will become the Free version which has limited features.

Q: Does it come on a CD?
A: No, the sofware is via download and license comes via email

Q: Do I need a special headset?
A: No you can use any headset you use plugged into your PC’s soundcard, or USB headset.

We recommend downloading the free trial to see how it all works for you.

Support issues can be found here: http://www.dictationsupport.co.uk/category/faqs/nch-express-scribe-pro/